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Sunsteam Search - the complete story.


The idea of launching Sunsteam Search was conceived in May 1999, and after a few months of preparations we went online in October the same year.

In the beginning the idea was to create a Directory style Search Engine. As time went by we saw the number of users grow, and were motivated to keep putting hours into the concept. We changed the search software, and with it came a series of host changes. Today, we are on our own dedicated server.

With our somewhat unexpected growth came a set of new tasks. We made strategic plans focusing on how to attract visitors and how to make them return. We found the key methods to be regular updating of all pages, providing new services, and of course advertising.

We knew we could keep it updated, but the other tasks we saw as a hard challenge. We where therefore amazed when we started receiving mails from companies asking if we would like to use their services on our pages, making this part of our strategy much easier than expected. The toughest part therefore turned out to be advertising. Being a company with limited funds we had to find inexpensive advertising methods and tried banners, press releases, classified ads, newsletter ads, and loads of other things, all with varied results. The important thing is that we learned all the way.

Lars Halvor Anundskås | Opprett ditt eget merke
SunSteam Search is today classified as a tier-3 web directory by many sources online.

Interesting facts.

SunSteam Search is a 100% independent resource. We have not copied other directories. In the beginning we collected and added links manually.

Sunsteam Search is a 100% Internet based company. Every single idea, every single process, every single little thing concerning Sunsteam has been discussed, shaped, and realized online and it took 3 years for the founders; Lars and Sjur, to even meet in real!

We are open for all kinds of suggestions about collaboration with other sites. If this sounds interesting contact us using this form. We are especially interested in collaboration with SEO companies)


Today, over 11 years after launch, Sunsteam Search has the following to offer: